Why are hockey skates so expensive? 3 tips to save money on hockey skates

Are you a hockey player or the parent of one, who has been frustrated by the cost of buying skates? If so, you’re not alone. Hockey skates are expensive, so many families look for ways to purchase them at a lower rate. Luckily, there are some tactics and strategies that can help save money when it comes to purchasing hockey skates.

Why are hockey skates so expensive? 3 tips to save money on hockey skates

Why are hockey skates so expensive? 3 tips to save money on hockey skates

In this blog post, Adam Matter will take a look at why are hockey skates so expensive and provide 3 tips to save money on hockey skates. Now, let’s get started!

Why are hockey skates so expensive?

Why are hockey skates so expensive?

Why are hockey skates so expensive?

Hockey skates are pricey primarily because they are a specialty product that consists of many materials, such as steel, padding, and support elements that must be assembled and tuned for maximum performance. Hockey skates also require regular maintenance to stay in top shape, which can add to the cost.

Here are some reasons why  hockey skates can be so expensive:


The quality of the steel used in hockey skate blades affects the blade’s performance, price and durability. Higher-grade steel costs more but performs better and has sharper, longer-lasting edges.


Hockey skate blades are made with precision to ensure a good fit and maximum performance. This not only requires careful craftsmanship, but also expensive materials such as steel and titanium.

Padding and support elements

The padding and support elements of hockey skates add to their cost, since they must be designed for maximum comfort and performance. These components are usually made of leather or synthetic materials that can be quite pricey.


Hockey skates need to be sharpened and re-profiled often, but most don’t realize how much it costs to maintain them. Professional skate sharpening can be expensive, with costs varying depending on the size and type of skate you have.

Comfortable sole

The sole of a hockey skate should be comfortable and provide excellent traction. This requires more materials, which can drive up the price.

Overall, hockey skates are an expensive purchase because the type of material used to make hockey skates is some of the most expensive in the construction of any type of hockey equipment.

How much are a pair of quality hockey skates?

How much are a pair of quality hockey skates?

How much are a pair of quality hockey skates?

Price of hockey skates for beginners

A decent beginner hockey skates can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000 depending on the materials used and the quality of manufacturing. Lower-end pairs of skates are made from cheaper materials and tend to be more uncomfortable, less durable, and not as responsive.

The key factor that contributes to the expensive nature of hockey skates is the material used in their construction. Hockey skates are typically made from high-end materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and steel. Skaters may effortlessly glide about the rink at peak speed with these lightweight, strong, and stable materials. Also, hockey skate boots are made stronger with special padding that gives the foot more cushioning and protection.

For beginner skaters, we recommend figure skates over hockey skates. This is because figure skating blades are longer, wider, flatter and have a toe-pick. Some people might think that the toe-pick makes it harder to skate but it actually helps some skaters while learning. Toe-picks are a helpful tool when learning to stand up and they help the skater in balancing by not allowing them to rock forward too far.

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 Price of hockey skates for intermediate

For intermediate have the range of $130 for rec league skates to $1120 for top-of-the-line models for elite players. Intermediate skates are stronger and constructed of better materials than starter ones.

Intermediate hockey skates come in three basic categories: recreational, competition, and elite. Recreational skates are for occasional players who don’t need extra support or stiffness. Competition skates are designed to provide extra stability and power for athletes who play hard-core hockey. Elite skates offer the highest level of performance, durability, and protection.

Prices of hockey skates for advanced

Advanced hockey skates are the most expensive models on the market and can easily cost up to $1,500 or more. These skates are designed for experienced players who need superior performance and protection. Modern hockey skates use the best materials and construction methods to last longer and improve skating.

Overall, hockey skates are an expensive investment. While the price of a pair of skates can vary greatly, the higher the price, the better the skates will be extra padding for comfort and protection. This help to increase durability and sharper blades that give you more power and control.

Differences between expensive and inexpensive hockey skates

Differences between expensive and inexpensive hockey skates

Differences between expensive and inexpensive hockey skates


This is the first major difference between expensive and inexpensive hockey skates. Due to their lightweight carbon fiber materials, expensive hockey skates weigh less than cheaper ones.

Reduced weight implies better agility and quickness on the ice, which is vital for competitive players.


Hydrofoam decreases skating energy loss, improving performance and reducing fatigue. It also helps reduce foot odor from sweat buildup, which can be a problem for many hockey players.


This is an important feature of any good pair of hockey skates. More expensive hockey skates offer improved arch support, heel grip, and ankle stability. This helps the player confidently maneuver over any kind of ice surface without fear of injury.

Flex zones

Some pricey hockey skates have carefully placed flex zones to help players push off and take strides faster. This allows them to change direction and accelerate faster than they would in traditional hockey skates.

Toe cap

Some pricey hockey skates have a toe cover to protect the player’s feet from hits. This feature is especially important for defense players, who are frequently in close proximity to other players.

Upgraded side panels

Most expensive hockey skates have upgraded side panels that protect against bumps and shocks even more. This helps the player stay safe while playing at high levels of intensity on the ice.

Overall, more expensive skates are often constructed out of lighter and higher quality materials, which provide more comfort and performance for the player than an inexpensive model.

3 tips to save money on hockey skates

3 tips to save money on hockey skates

3 tips to save money on hockey skates

Instead of new skates, buy lightly used

Hockey players usually outgrow their skates after a season or two, so lightly used skates can be as excellent as new but cheaper. Look on social media sites like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or Craigslist and you may find some great deals.

Choose a lower-priced brand

Generally, hockey skate brands follow the same pricing model: the more expensive the skates are, the higher quality they will be. However, there are some good lower-priced brands that offer great performance – you may just need to do some research to find them.

Try to find chances to trade in

If you’re looking to upgrade your skates, try to find out if any local hockey shops offer a chance to trade in your old ones for a discount on new skates. Look online or ask around – it can be worth the extra effort!

Is it true that hockey skates that cost more are better?

Is it true that hockey skates that cost more are better?

Is it true that hockey skates that cost more are better?

Of course, yes.  Most of the time, the most expensive skates are also the lightest and work the best.  High-quality hockey skates have a stiffer design, a precise fit, less weight, and better protection for the blades. These features allow for more power transfer to the ice which helps you skate faster and turn better.

Also, higher-priced skates are also composed of high-quality materials like carbon fiber, which offer better support. They also have built-in features like ankle support and protection that add to the price.

Ultimately, the most costly hockey skates perform better and offer a better skating experience.

FAQs: Why are hockey skates so expensive?

What should you pay for hockey skates?

If you want to start skating casually, seek for skates under $150. If you don’t plan on playing much hockey or skating more than once a week, there’s no need to spend more than $200 on skates with a lot of padding, structure, and durability.

How long should hockey skates last?

From 1 to 20 years. It is entirely dependent on the quality of the components, upkeep and maintenance, the style of skating you do, and how frequently you skate. The wheels may be the first to fail, but they may be replaced. The trick is to clean and maintain your bearings, wheels, and other parts to extend their life.

How frequently do ice hockey players sharpen their skates?

Some players will sharpen every 2-3 hours of ice time, while others will spend an entire season without sharpening. If you’re not sure where to begin, get them sharpened after 10 hours of ice time, and then modify as needed.

Is ice hockey an expensive sport?

According to numerous assessments, hockey is the most expensive child sport. In 2019, the Aspen Institute polled 1,032 youth sports parents and discovered that families pay an average of $2,583 per year for their children to participate in sports.


As we have known, why are hockey skates so expensive, right? But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from the sport just because of the costs. With the 3 tips above, you can save money on top-quality hockey skates.

Don’t let cost impede your enjoyment of this amazing sport-try these tips yourself to get a jumpstart into some serious savings! Thanks for reading our blog hockeyheritage.org!






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