How to repair a hockey stick? How to determine whether the hockey stick is broken?

Hockey sticks can be expensive, and it’s important to make sure that they’re in good condition before using them in a game. A broken hockey stick can ruin a game, so it’s important to be able to repair it quickly and easily.

How to repair a hockey stick? How to determine whether the hockey stick is broken?

How to repair a hockey stick? How to determine whether the hockey stick is broken?

Adam Matter has put together a guide on how to repair a hockey stick quickly and easily. This guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to determine whether the hockey stick is broken, as well as how to fix common problems.

How to determine whether the hockey stick is broken?

How to determine whether the hockey stick is broken?

How to determine whether the hockey stick is broken?

Before attempting to repair a hockey stick, it is important to first determine whether the stick is actually broken. A broken hockey stick will have visible signs of damage.

If your stick feels “whippy” or as though it has lost its rigidity, it may be broken. It may still be workable, but its performance will be diminished. While a “break” in a hockey stick is not necessarily a clean break, sticks will deteriorate from the inside out, leaving them ineffective.

If you can see a crack or several cracks, this is an obvious sign of a broken hockey stick. If the stick shaft has any imperfections, even if it doesn’t seem weak, it may be cracked or fractured within.

Finally, if the blade of your stick has lost its shape or is bent in an unnatural way, it may be time for a new hockey stick.

Are hockey sticks prone to breaking?

No, hockey sticks are not easily broken.  However, they are subjected to a lot of wear and tear during the course of a game or practice. The more frequently it is used and the harsher conditions in which it is played can make it more prone to breaking. Also, a hockey stick is more likely to break if it is used or taken care of in the wrong way.

One main property of hockey sticks that contributes to shot velocity is the flexibility or flex of the stick. Manufacturers list the flex rating on each stick that corresponds to the amount of force (in pounds-force) that it takes to deflect or bend the shaft one inch.


How to repair a hockey stick?

How to repair a hockey stick?

How to repair a hockey stick?

How to repair a broken hockey stick? The repair process for a hockey stick can vary depending on the type of damage. Small problems, like scratches or chips in the blade, can be fixed by yourself. For more significant issues, such as broken blades or major cracks in the shaft, it is best to seek out professional help. Here is ways you can refer to it for fixing the hockey sticks is broken

Using the SRS System

The SRS System is a do-it-yourself repair system that can be used for minor repairs on hockey stick blades. This system uses pre-cut composite sheets that are stuck to the blade with epoxy glue. These sheets help strengthen the blade and restore the stick’s structural integrity.
Here is a step-by-step to perform fix the hockey sticks is broken by using the SRS system:
  • Step 1: Remove the damaged section of your hockey stick shaft: Use a sharp knife or a saw to cut out the damaged section.
  • Step 2: Install shaft-lock grooves: Install the shaft-lock grooves at both ends of the cut section. This will help to keep the blade in place if it is ever placed under strain.
  • Step 3: Join the two pieces with clamps: Place the clamps on either side of the cut shaft and tighten them firmly to keep the two pieces together.
  • Step 4: Fill the shaft with resin and hardener: Mix the resin and hardener in the right proportions according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the shaft with this mixture, making sure it goes along both sides of the cut section.
  • Step 5: Let the stick get better: Let the stick dry for at least 24 hours. After it’s dry, make sure everything is secure and your stick is as good as new! Enjoy playing with your repaired hockey stick again!
  • Step 6: “Click” the stick: To make sure the stick is sturdy and secure, put it back into position as if you were going to hit a puck. If it’s solid and doesn’t move too much, then your repair was successful!

Using professional repair services

For major repairs like broken blades or shaft splits, take your hockey stick to a professional repair facility. Advanced techniques, like carbon fiber wrapping or foam core repairs, can be used by these services to help get the stick back to how it was before.
When choosing a repair service, make sure you do your research and select one that is reputable and experienced in how to the hockey stick repair as well as how to repair a composite hockey stick. Additionally, you should get some quotes from different services so you can compare the cost and quality of their work.

Is repairing a broken hockey stick a safe solution?

Is repairing a broken hockey stick a safe solution?

Is repairing a broken hockey stick a safe solution?

Some people may advise you to repair the hockey stick. They will tell you that they always repair their sticks and that they are as good as new ones. Still, you might be able to fix the broken fibers and strengthen the stick enough for a few practices or even a game, but it’s not clear how long the fix will last.

A repaired stick is more likely to break again and may not be able to handle the same level of stress as a new one. Also, a stick that has been broken and fixed may have lost some of its original strength, so it may not work as well as it should.

Therefore, if your stick is broken or otherwise unusable, it’s best to purchase a new one. That way, you can be sure that your stick will last and that it won’t break in the middle of a game or practice.

You’ll also get the benefit of using a stick with all its original strength, so you don’t have to worry about it failing during an important game or match.

In addition, according to all the tests and feedback we’ve gotten from amateur and professional hockey players over the years, the performance of a repaired stick changes so minimally compared to a brand new stick that it virtually cannot be detected

Can you replace a hockey stick blade with a composite one?

Can you replace a hockey stick blade with a composite one?

Can you replace a hockey stick blade with a composite one?

Yes, you may replace the blade on a composite hockey stick in the following ways:

Get a comparable blade

Once you have purchased a new blade that is comparable to the original, lay it on the bottom of the stick and align it with the shaft. Make sure all screw hole locations match up.

Remove the old blade

To remove the blade from a composite hockey stick, you will need to unscrew and/or pry off the screws that are located on either side of the blade. Once all screws have been removed, carefully remove the blade from its base.

Remove the shaft

If you are swapping out the entire shaft of the stick, then remove all screws that hold the blade to the shaft. Unscrew each screw one by one and carefully remove them from the stick.

Determine the blade size

Before beginning the installation process, make sure you know what size blade you need for your composite hockey stick. Measure the width and length of the old blade to make sure the new one you are installing will work with it.

Install the new blade

Once you have determined that the blade is compatible with your composite hockey stick, attach it to the shaft. Secure it with a few screws and make sure that each screw is locked in securely.

Test the stick

To ensure that the installation was successful, give the new blade a test run. You can do this by shooting some pucks or just taking a few practice swings. If everything feels good, then your repair is complete!

FAQs: How to repair a hockey stick?

What’s the best glue to fix a hockey stick?

The A&R Hockey Stick & Blade Glue is perfect for gluing hockey blades and end plugs to the shafts of hockey sticks. They come in a pack of two and are 1/2″ x 4″ so they are easy to use. Simply heat the glue and rub it on the hockey replacement blade’s hosel or end plug, then slide it into the shaft.

How do you fix a hockey stick that has a chip?

To fix the hockey stick, open the crack, remove any loose pieces, and heat the area with a heat gun. G/flex 650 should be added to the split. Mix the mixture and put it in the crack. Put even pressure on the stick and clamp it together to force a small amount of epoxy out of the crack.

What should the life of a hockey stick be?

Players say that even the strongest carbon stick can break in a week or last for a year. Most people say that how often and how hard you play are the two most important things that affect how long a hockey stick will last. Don’t forget that a stick may need to be replaced even if it isn’t broken. It may have lost its stiffness or its “pop.”

How many layers of tape can you put on a hockey stick?

Easy to make, you just put a “knob” on the top of the butt end by putting on several layers of cloth tape in the thickness you want. 1-2 layers of tape will go down the shaft under the knob to the length you want.


In conclusion, repairing a hockey stick can be an easy and affordable fix for those needing a new piece of equipment through the blog above. If you’re still unclear on how to repair a hockey stick after reading this post. Let’s feel free to reach out to our would love to help!






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