At Hockey Heritage, our mission is to preserve the history and traditions of hockey for generations to come. We are dedicated to exploring different aspects of the sport and honoring its impact on our culture.

We strive to provide an engaging platform for people of all ages who have an interest in the game of hockey. Whether you’re a fan, a player, or just curious about the sport, we have something for everyone!

We use innovative digital media tools and platforms to connect with hockey fans from around the world. We create engaging content through articles, videos and podcasts that explore the past, present and future of this great sport. Our goal is to provide an education platform to educate viewers and share our research with people around the globe.

At Hockey Heritage, we also host live events such as viewing parties and BBQs where fans can meet up with each other in a fun atmosphere. These events serve as a great way for people to socialize and talk about their favorite teams while celebrating the sport’s heritage.

Finally, we recognize that hockey has been shaped by generations before us and that it will continue to evolve as new generations take the reins. That’s why we are committed to educating younger generations about how hockey was played in times gone by so they can appreciate how far it has come today – along with looking ahead at what it could become tomorrow!