To commemorate Montreal as the home of the modem game of ice hockey Hockey Heritage Montreal, in cooperation with the City of Montreal and the Montreal Canadiens, has embarked on a project to build the Montreal Hockey Walk of Fame.

The walk will begin on Drummond Street just above Rene-Levesque (the site of the Victoria Skating Rink) with the first branch of hockey greats leading the way to the Bell Centre (Phase I), the second branch will head north and then west to the site of the old Montreal Forum (Phase II), and the third branch will wind its way south, then east along Rene-Levesque up to Peel; at Peel it will go north up to Sherbrooke and it will move east along Sherbrooke up to the Roddick Gates of McGill University.

Hockey Heritage Montreal is a Quebec Part III company (charitable) whose sole mission is to build a hockey walk of fame to commemorate Montreal hockey greats and Stanley Cup winning teams. The Project Manager and principle organizer for the Montreal Hockey Walk of Fame is Montreal lawyer, Allison Turner.

Members of Hockey Heritage Montreal include:

  • Billy Georgette – Montreal jazz pianist
  • Michel Vigneault – Montreal sports historian
  • Earl Zuckerman – SIHR s V-P Quebec

The Montreal Hockey Walk of Fame Steering Committee consists of:

  • Allison Turner – Project Manager
  • Patrick Boivin – Montreal Canadiens